05 January 2012

Happy 2012 To Everyone

The Rowe Family Top 10 of 2011

1. Beckett Finlay Rowe, born 10 January 2011!!! He was the perfect addition to our family, and keeps us all on our toes (and somewhat sleep deprived) daily. We are amazed and as he grows and develops. His smiles, laughs, crawls, cruises, and snuggles make us forget how busy & tired we really are!

2. Missing our angel Jordan every single day. It’s been difficult this school year to imagine that, in a different set of circumstances, Jordan would be a Kindergartener, also in Spanish Immersion like big sister Avery.

3. Moving to our own little piece of heaven… “The Rowes’ Red Balloon Ranch” (because all properties big or small need a name!). We’re still unpacking and settling in, but are looking forward to all the wonderful things there are to do on a 4-acre “farm.”

4. Marveling at Avery’s development as a Spanish speaker. Her Spanish Immersion school is just such a blessing. We feel so privileged and lucky to have been in the right place at the right time so she could take advantage of such a wonderful program.

5. Treasuring Birkeley’s toddler speak & turn-of-phrase. My goodness some of the things that boy says! He melts our hearts, and tickles our funny bones. And there’s never a shortage of words for him. Or energy! It helps make up for his stubborn “terrible two” tantrums….

6. Summer camping in central Oregon. Young children have made it difficult to camp in the last few years, but we did finally manage a few long weekends this past summer, just us, the kids, a couple of tents, and a trailer loaded with gear….

7. Watching Avery bloom as a soccer player and a skier. She definitely has a passion for both. We’re excited for Birkeley to start playing soccer & skiing, just like his big sis, and so is he!

8. Visiting with family & friends near and far. Nana Noma is right here in town & even hosted Avery’s first Halloween party! Grandma Linda & Grandpa Earl are just a car-ride away in B.C., so we get to see them at least every other month, if not more. We’ve had a couple of visits with Grandma Kay, uncle Jon Paul, & aunt Jessica this year, and aunt Jill & cousin Soren were able to stay for part of the summer, giving the cousins plenty of time to play together. In October uncle Bryan made it out from Ontario for a nice long weekend visit, too!

9. Our new cat crew: 7-year-old Caboose, a male, who has become the pseudo-mommy of our two kittens, Toopy & Binoo, who are amazing mousers. If only they wouldn’t bring the mice into the house to play with and eat them…. Birkeley drags them all over the house, all day long, and Beckett likes to use their tails for teething toys. Run, kitties, run!

10. As usual we have been BUSY! Devon continues his work as a Manager at Environ (13 years in April!), and earned his License in Hydrogeology in July. Leslie worked part time for most of the year at Landau Associates (off & on now for 9 years), and still enjoys a day or two off each week from infant & toddler play to use her “adult” brain. Between work, kids, “the ranch,” and all our activities life feels like a whirlwind sometimes. But busy is how we do it best!

We are looking forward to an exciting 2012 to come, and hope you are too!

04 April 2011

Avery's Leprechaun Trap

A little late, but better than never. This was Avery's homework project before St. Patrick's Day. She and Devon had a great time working on it!

This is a troll doll "friend" for the leprechaun, sitting on the milk carton sofa inside.
The string has a sign on it -- "Do Not Pull" -- reverse psychology!
The sign by the hole says "Pot Of Gold" to lure him in.
When he pulls the string inside voila! The lid comes down and the hole gets blocked.
This is what she found in the trap the morning after St. Patrick's Day.

03 April 2011

The Boys' Room

Another busy weekend at the property. I do love paint, though. It's such a wonderful transition. Here are this weekend's results: Trendy blue and brown for the boys. I used MetroPaint in this room (and the rest of the entire house, except the mouldings and Avery's room). MetroPaint is recycled paint managed and resold by Portland Metro. $8 a gallon even. It's taking all my will power not to go buy a couple more cans and do some more painting in the other rooms of the house (which are ALL MetroPaint "Sand Dune" -- doors included).

If he didn't have those yellow socks on he'd be practically camouflaged in there! Yes, his sweatshirt matches the walls of his room. It was just a fluke. I didn't dress him that way on purpose.
These are the closet doors for the bedrooms. The brown ones are for the boys' room, the blue for Avery's room. The black is chalkboard paint. I hope it's fun!
Avery's room completed (more pics of her room in a blog post below).

Pink Trees Rock! Hello Spring!

Birkeley (2), Avery (7), and Beckett (11.5 weeks).
[And yes, it still breaks my heart that I only have 3 of my babies here for photos like these. I just miss my Jordan soooooooo much all the time!]
And since we were talking about eyelashes...
This time Avery is the monkey in the tree!

Beckett Growin' Up

11.5 weeks old already. Smiling, cooing, laughing, sticking his tongue out, and even starting to "play" with the toys on his bouncy chair. Wow -- such a big boy already!
And he's got the Rowe lashes! Look at how long those things are! Can you believe that when he was born he didn't have any eyelashes at all! And no, we have not used any Latisse on him, they are all natural. Just like his siblings & his daddy.
Birkeley's eyelashes are pretty long & thick, too.
This was the before shot of Birkeley, when I insisted that he had to wear a shirt for the picture.... Just like a 2 year old!
He was so mad he couldn't settle down to figure out how to take his shirt off. Luckily he is still easily distracted with toys. As soon as I gave him a truck he forgot about the shirt and settled right down.

02 April 2011

Monkeyin' Around

Each spring since nana Noma moved here to Vancouver Avery has been in charge of putting the monkeys on the Monkey Puzzle tree. This year Birkeley was big enough to help, too.
The finished productAfterward it was off to the park for playing and a picnic. Birkeley got to ride along in nana's basket -- which he LOVED!

19 March 2011

Avery's New Room

It's taking longer than we planned, but slowly but surely we're getting ready for our big move out to "the property." We bought a used double-wide mobile home, and are fixing it up to live in while we sell our house in town, and get ready to start building the new house on our 4-acre horse pasture.

The mobile home was painted like a pastel Easter egg when we bought it, so we had the drywall repaired, and the entire 1450 square feet painted with recycled paint (from Metro) in the shade of "Sand Dune." But part of the deal of moving was letting Avery paint and decorate her new room. After many months of consideration, and a couple weeks of agonizing, she finally picked these colors for her room.

Today she and her BFF Kate got to paint. They didn't quite finish, but they had fun for awhile, and I finished up all the edges, details, and the cubbies. I think it looks pretty cool! It's going to be strange, though, having just one room with any color in the entire house. Makes me want to go buy paint for the boys' room, too!

Here we go! Avery decided to paint the blue walls.
Kate took the green walls.
The built-in cubbies.
First coat all done!